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Entry Two:

Dreaming, I knew it, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. A storm raged as I fell, and I kept falling and falling. Some one screamed for help, maybe it was me, and all of the sudden all of this black rushed up and I blinked open my eyes. A girl jumped ten feet into the air and yelped. Stitting up I glared at her. "What am I doing here? Who are you? Where's Evergreen?" Angry questions flooded out, and the only thing holding me back from strangling her was the fact that I felt like crap. "Evergreen?" She cocked her head. "You want a tree?" She dosen't know who he is. They didn't find him. I narrowed my eyes. I had been kidnapped before, for money. They said they didn't know Evergreen, turns out they also had him too, and my mom had to bail us out with the money. Mom. Thats been a while, last time I saw her, she was hanging out with her dope-addicted buddies and involved in a gang. "Look," The girl said. "You need to rest. We found you in that wrecked jet. You're in a safe place. She paused and looked thoughtful, "Are you O.K?" I relayed my options and found enough strength for sarcasm. "I feel like I was hit in the head with an anvil," I growled. "No, I want to run a marathon. What do you think?" C'mon Really? You pull me out of a burning plane and ask me if I feel okay. I was already getting a hint about this girl's intellect standards. "Okay, okay. Chill." She scooted foreward and checked my pulse, and felt my forehead. I looked at her warily, watching her every move. She looked worried. "What' your name?" She asked. I was tempted to spit whats it to you, but I answered cooly, "Pitt, Madisen Pitt." She rasied her eyebrow. "Pit? Like...Armpit?" Yes, one of the wonderful features of having an odd last name, crappy nicknames. "Double T." I replied. "Thank you." I groped for my knife, and sighed. They kept my clothes on, along with my Kershaw. Mabey if I can make her nervous, she'll start spewing info. "Whoa." She flinched as I camly cleaned my nails. She glanced over at a corner where stood a bow and a quiver of arrows. Bow against knife, odds were'nt good. "So where am I?" I asked camly, not showing my fear. "Um, an infirmary." She babbled nervously. Keep it up, keep talking, I thought. "An infirmary? Where-" I'm cut off as another kid entered the room, a dark haired, dark eyed guy. "Saige?" He asks who I presume to be Saige. "How's- Oh, wow, nice Kershaw." He looks at my knife and I clench it more tightly, afraid to lose another defense. Saige snorted. "Careful, shes still in shock." I eyed him, watching if he whipped out a poison needle or an M1-34. Saige was friendly, but that wasn't an excuse for the others, if there were any. He smiled and looked at Saige earnestly.
"Any signs?"
"Nope, none so far." Saige replied.
Signs? Of what? I thought.
"Have you tried ambrosia or nectar?"
Maybe I should tell them about my slight pollen allergy. That stuff sounds deadly.
"No, I was about to, though." Saige replied. I tensed more.  
"You should. If she survives, we'll know. If not..." He trailed off and the air seemed to lose twenty degrees. "At least she'll get out of camp easy."
Survive? Okay, I need to get out of here, pronto. I could have landed in the loose psyco killer kid doctor infirmary.
Saige was gaping, a expression better than an agreeing evil smile. "I'll do it. But not now." She finaly stuttered.
Why? What are they saving me for?
The creepy guy walked out, and casually said, "I'll go get Chiron."
Right after the door slid shut, I leaped out of the bed, pushed Saige out of the way and ran into what looked like a white hall way supported by coloums of white marble. Bursting out of some big double doors, I ran straight into that guy again. I fell down and smacked my butt hard on one of the steps of the white temple thing. "Whoah there." The guy said, rubbing his head. "Trying to see everything to soon?" A voice came from behind him, "Turn around Ian, I want to see her." At nerves end I turned to the person who was talking. I screamed and scrambled away. This was too much. The man was half horse. Vaulting off the steps, I heard the Chiron-dude yell at Ian-guy, "Why did'nt you tell me she didn't know?"
"I was just explaining it to you when she smacked into me!" Running at full pelt into a clearing, I looked around. I was cornered, houses made a U-shape, And several what looked like a bunch of kid slash warriors were lined at the open end. "It's okay, just follow me back and you'll be alright." A voice said from behind me. Whirling I saw a tall blonde spikey haired kid, clenched my fist and punched him straight in the nose. "Holy Zeus girl!" He yelled and went down, seeing a small opening in between two houses, I squeezed through and bumped into a girl carrying a guitar. "Whoah hey!" She cried "Don't damage the goods!" She patted the guitar and helped me up. "Hey, what's the rush?" I bolted past and ran through some trees into a thickly wooded area. Suddenly a vine wrapped around my ankle and I flew up ino the air. Screaming every curse word I knew, ( and I knew a lot. ) I swung around until I saw an adult with curly black hair, grinning and waving a set of reed pipes. "Going into those woods are dangerous, lady." He put the pipes to lips and played a half-step polka tune. The vines, responding to the music, set me down and put my hard rock cafe hat back on. "Never seen you before." The dude chuckled and patted my shoulder. And that's when I noticed he didnt have any pants.  He had curly tan goat legs. He looked at me as I moaned. "Whoahhhh." His eyes widened and he clapped his hands over my eyes. "You didnt see anything, I am perfectly normal, I see you noticed my nice Levi jeans, they're really comfy, you should get a pair." His voice blurred in my head, thoughts became fuzzier, yeah, he did have nice jeans. I want a pair. they would go nice wih my shirt. I shook my head and yanked his hand away, the legs were still there, and He shifted from hoof to hoof. "You resisted the mist. Who are you?" I heard yelling in the distance. The goat man looked up. "You're that girl we picked up in the crash." He realized and I bolted before he could grab me. More vines wrapped around me, but I sliced them off with my knife. Running full sprint into the forest I heard voices and hid behind a bush as a small group of people passed, they all wore black clothing except one, who wore all purple. "And then when the plane crashed it was all dusty and I saw this girl underneath a windshield coated in monster dust." Another voice, deeper, maybe a guy. "Mabey another half-blood." Another voice piped up, younger, a girl. "There's no way a normal half-blood would survive that. The cockpit was incinerated with a lighting bolt, that girl's dangerous if Zeus has condemed her." Another female grunted. "Shhh. I hear something." I stopped breathing. A branch snapped. And then a head appeared over mine. "S'up." Grunted a curly brown headed girl. Another girl pushed past her. "It's her!" She squeaked and turned to a black haired guy with another girl. "That's the one I found!," Turning back to me she asked ", Hey, what are you doing out of the infirmary?" I gasped and withdrew into my bush. I was cornered. "Follow me we can get you back." She held out her hand and I took it. Pulling me up she smiled. "I'm Hailey what's your na-" I flipped her to the ground. Brown curly haired girl drew what looked like a sword and slashed my cheek, ducking I rolled behind her and was about to use my knife when I heard "Stop!" Turning I saw the horse dude -Chiron had a bow srtung and was aiming at me. "Calm down Miss Pitt. Everythings all right, you're safe here." I grunted "Perfectly." Staring at his arrow was making me cross eyed. "I'm not going to shoot, if you cooperate. Now follow me." I raised my eyebrow. "How do you know my name?" I asked. "I told him. And if you just stayed in the room and let me treat you, this wouldn't happen." It was Saige. " lets get back to the infirmary." She motioned and Chiron twitched his bow, a sign telling me to follow her. "You're still in shock, it's bad for you to do this." She wrapped a blanket around me and I realized how cold I was."I'll get you hot cocao when we get there, it's all right, don't try to do what you did to Hailey, wouldn't want to kill you." Saige patted my shoulder. This was going to be a long day.
I Present... Entry Two! I hope you guys are reading these, it would help you understand SOME of my fan art.
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