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Entry One:

I stared out the window from my comfortable plush-lined airline seat. The fluffy cloud layer was broken only by a green hill, rolling like some gigantic sea monster was swimming in the white mist. "Maddi? All you all right? You seem distracted." I heard the squeaking of a wheelchair and a soft voice come from the teeny walkway. I looked at my guardian, Evergeen. "No, Ev, I'm fine. When are we landing?" He opened his mouth but the speaker interrupted his answer. "Hello, this is your captain speaking; a storm got us a little off track, so our flight will take a little longer than scheduled. For now just enjoy the scenery and the complimentary drinks." Evergeen shook his head and his gray curly hair bobbed. "I swear, they try to swindle you every chance they get. Don't they remember the drinks are only complimentary the first serving?" I patted his grey cotton slacks. "Ev, its fine I'm not thirsty, and that's just business. Its how they make money, calm down." It was true; he's been worked up ever since we first stepped on the jet. That was two days and thirty-two peanut bags later. Evergreen was always stingy about money. It was like we didn't have two million dollars in my Swiss bank account, which of course, thanks to Evergreen, that motive was perfected. "Drinks?" I blinked out of my thinking glaze and ordered water, the only thing I could order, having already exhausted their coke and fanta supply. This trip's taking too long, I need fresh air and exercise, I thought. If I was lucky, I wouldn't be near paralyzed by two days worth of jet lag and the combination of about fifty gallons of assorted soda drinks in my digestive system. Grabbing my IPod, I listened to some songs before my eyelids felt heavy, and I dozed off, listening to the rumble of thunder in the distance.

Harsh sounds infiltrated my slumber and I opened my eyes to what anybody would call a waking nightmare. The private jet was dipping down, aiming strait for one of the hills, the cockpit's door was blown away, as was part of the jet wall, and the pilot and co-pilot was standing calmly in the teeny isle, grinning evilly at Evergeen, who was pinned under the drink cart. "Evergreen!" I ripped off my seat belt and tried to pull it off him, but a hand gripped my shoulder and pulled me away from him. "Not ssso fasst, Skygirrrl." A hissing, voice said in my ear. Turning, I smashed my elbow into the waitress, who screeched an ugly wail and dropped me. I started sliding down, as the aircraft was tilting faster. Grabbing a hold of a seat, I looked around, the pilots and the waitress were transforming into hideous bat-like women, complete with fiery whips and daggers. Hissing and spitting, they stepped over Evergreen and headed toward me. "No! Madisen get out of here!" He screamed and pried at the cart, which was already starting to slide to the gaping hole of the cockpit. I closed my eyes. Focus, focus, think, get cart off Evergreen. Looking up, I leaped out of my seat and tackled one ugly bat-creature. Scrambling for a hold, she fastened her grip on the handle of the cart and the force ripped it off Evergreen. Grabbing him, I caught a hold of a seat, and stared as the waitress slid off the plane, the weight of the cart pushing her to the ground, that was going to be one ugly landing. "Sssissster!" The others wailed and jumped from seat to seat, like ledges. The Jet was vertical now, and Evergreen was getting heavier. "Madisen!" He yelled, "Swing me up! I can take care of the other two!" I looked at him, all bloody and one arm dangling awkwardly in the air. "No!" We're doing this together!" I yelled over the whistling wind. The bat-pilots were getting closer. Evergeen, looking grim unbuckled his pants. "What are you doing?" I yelled at him. Instead of white skin, he had curly salt and pepper colored goat legs. I mean goat legs.  "Saving you!" He yelled back and he swung out, landing on one of the seats, and ripped off a hand rest. Swinging it like a club, he smacked the pilot in the face, and she fell, hitting a suitcase that fell from the compartments, screaming she fell like her sister, into a rapidly closer hill. "Evergreen!" I screamed as he swung the armrest like a battle axe, walloping the co-pilot. Losing both their footing, they fell out into the open sky, still fighting fiercely.  "No!" I said and let go, smacked into the retaining wall, my head buzzing I gave one last look at Goaty-Evergreen, my sole companion, change into a oak sapling before the last bat-women exploded into yellow dust, pelting the windshield and me. My hands scrabbling for a hand hold, I grabbed it and fell down to the hill, Hundred feet, fifty feet, twenty five feet...I counted and I rammed into a tree, Cracking the glass and making my arm scream with pain. Blacking out I heard a shout and voices. Then I fell into blackness.
Yes! It is out in public!
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