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oh that title was...not the way to go.

Anywho, I am alive. I am well. I am happy. That's all the update you guys really need so if that's all you wanted to know, cheerfully continue along.

For those of you who want to know what I've been up to instead of rightfully posting art at a decent pace, it's mostly been a conglomerate of travelling and planning the future. After College finals (And tons of stressing over maintaining my GPA) and everything was fine and settled, I headed off to a trip I had been planning since August of last year.

I went with a group of my friends to Nicaragua and participated in the feeding and caring for the kids of a program called The NeoFund. It's an organization that helps feed and house families of the poor in Managua. They help these families reshape their life instead of restlessly foraging in the huge city dump, and seeing the smiles of the kids who see they now have a future and a chance for education and a home was incredible to see. You guys should really check their site out here

There I was able to play with the kids, exercise my Spanish, and open my eyes to culture, wildlife, and the people of the world. If any of you guys get the chance to travel, and/or help people in a foreign country, I'd advice you to take the opportunity in a heartbeat. The memories and the friendships you make are priceless. 

So after that I had a few more camping trips and various health incidents with my Dad (He's fine, just a little too rambunctious for his old body) I finally get to stay home for a bit, and maybe work a bit on my art. I'll try to post something soon. Also I should apologize at the hour I'm posting this, needless to say my sleeping and eating schedules have been blown out of whack. 

Aha, speaking of that I've been working towards my plans for college and occupation and I've settled on the idea to move to Europe for education. France, more specifically. I'm looking into a program hosted by the animation group, Gobelins. Check out their work here. They have a program that is relatively cheap, and I'll be earning an equivalent to a bachelors degree in art, and making connections whilst interning at their workplace. It's a little spooky to think about but I can't wait to see what the big, wide world has to offer.

Well that was fun to talk about. I commend those who have gotten this far. I was also tagged by NaruNaru24 So here's the

1) What is the meaning of life to you?
To collect experiences and memories of things that shape you as a person.
2) Do you procrastinate? If so, how much procrastinating do you do? 
Not entirely. If the matter is not urgent, I won't do it in an amount of time, but the more urgent the matter, the quicker it will get done.
3) Would you live in the country or city? Why?
It's the city?? It's a quaint little neighborhood that's a little above our downtown.
4) What would you do if you accidentally broke something?
haha you mean my everyday life? No seriously...
5) What's your favourite movie(s)?
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Pacific Rim, Guardians of the Galaxy....Anything with a great soundtrack.
6) Have you ever stayed up all night without sleep?
Psh heck yeah, I'm like a professionallll.....zzzzzzz
7) What did you do today?
I went to swim in the river with my sister's boyfriends family. It was really nice and sunny and we got to jump off into the river in the deep parts and it was fun. There was a family and their kids being pulled into the deep current who all couldn't swim very well, but everything turned out fine. It's like those moments that you realize that how things aligned to be just so, and everything turned out okay. I mean, I know it's mostly perspective too, so stay positive peeps, and the world will follow suit.
8) Do you lean more towards the 'extroverted' side or the 'introverted' side?
Extroverted who looses social energy quickly.
9) Group work: Love it, or hate it?
Ah, my nemesis and true love. I'm going to shoot for the crappy answer and say it really depends on the group.
10) Whip or Nae nae? I am so sorry
Oh Asher is this you? I'm going to say Nae Nae.
11) Turtles or trains?
Meenage Tutant Tinja Murtles
12) What are your fears?
I've been working on this recently, but the one i can't get over is flipping TEETH, just...TEETH...NOT IN A MOUTH...NOT IN THEIR PROPER PLACE...GROSS GUMMY TEETH
13) Family or friends?
Friends can be family. Family can be friends.
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